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Foundation Programme Specially Designed for grade IX & X

Foundation programme is designed for the students of grade IX & X. This programme will help students to built solid foundation of Art & Design. Through out the programme students will explore all the possibilities of Arts & Design. Students will be introduced to all the paper patterns of NID, UCEED, NIFT, NATA, JEE Paper 2. 
Students will also learn all colour media including Still Life, Portrait, Landscapes, and many more to develop the interest in the field of Art & Design areas. 

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Learn Architectural Drawing & Painting

We at Vijay Design Studio rain students for the Architectural Drawing & Painting with Water, Poster, Pencil these all colour mediums and also with Gel Pens. Most of the time e take students for the out stations such as bank of river, Devlali camps where British Era Old buildings Structures are constructed. This Education helps students develop observation ability and a kind of sense which every Architect will desire to have. The best part is prapotion ability which every architect students will develop in this course. We recommend each and every architect to join this course which runs on weekend and week days too.

Learn Lino Cutting (Block Printing)

At Vijay Design Studio we teach Lino Cutting & Printing. Lino printing is viewed as a traditional relief printmaking method, lino print is also known as lino cutting. When lino printing you cut a design into a block of linoleum, then ink the remaining raised surface with a brayer and print onto either paper or fabrics using a baren
Lino printing, also known as lino cutting, is a printmaking technique that goes back to the early 20th century. It's an effective method for creating multiple prints of an artistic piece using linoleum. Other printmaking techniques, such as etching and lithographs, use a similar technique.

Still Life Painting

Subjective group of object is kept in front of the students with proper shades and lights. Students learn Poster colour media, acrylic colour media, water colour media and oil colour media with various surfaces such as canvas, water colour paper, etc. 

Students develop observation ability and learn proportion. Related proportion. Every academic Artist must learn the topic which is still life. Very deep study of shades and lights is taught here. You get very good grip over the subject in this course. Also in ICSE Board this topic is introduced as a academic subject. For such students this course is very useful and helpful. 

Learn Oil Colour Portrait from Vijay Design Studio.jpg
Learn Oil Colour Painting

Learn Oil Colour Painting from Vijay Design Studio. We are master in Opaque as well as transparent media along with mix media. We train students from all age group as many of them wants to be an artist and wish to master the skills in portraits. Its head basically study which. Live model is arranged and made him her sit in front. This is conducted on very pro level. Portrait this topic is basically taught by professional artist. Portraits are done on oil papers, canvas, hard board, etc. using all the media including oil, water, acrylic, poster, colour pencils, etc. We store each and every steps while developing the portrait. These steps are useful while presenting the journey of complete work of portrait. 

Learn Animation at Vijay Design Studio.jpg
Learn Animation 

Learning animation is something which has become a cup of tea for every one. We at Vijay Design Studio is training in Animation from past many years. We basically teach right from story boarding, 3Ds Max Software, Photoshop, Maya, where students are taught how to create model, then how to create the expressions, How to create the proper light, How to apply material, How to do camera tracking, etc. This course is very interesting. One can go to the depth of the subject and can become successful Animator, We do help students in getting master education in National and International Animation Colleges as well. These are very reputed colleges. We help students in getting good scholarship as well.

Learn Communication Design at Vijay Design Studio.jpg
Learn Communication Designing

We train Students for the communication design. 

More Courses in Vijay Design Studio 

These courses are very useful and interesting all the age group. Apart from the NID, NIFT, NATA, CEED & UCEED we are also providing long duration and short duration courses for the following courses. You can select the area of your choice and touch the depth of the subject with our expert faculties. 

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