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Sketching Practice questions for the students who wants to improve creative ability to prepare for the NID, UCEED, NIFT entrance exam
Sketching Question 1

Draw any 4 kitchens utensils inspired by animal. For example think of spoon which is inspired by animal, think of various spatula. think of spoon or glass stand or glass or cup or plates, etc

Improve Drawing ability

Combine 2 different animals and compose the one with most aesthetic and proportionate way in approx 8 cm x 16 cm box

Visualize ability

Show the scene of Pani puri wala from the dogs point of view. try to show how the owner has tried utilizing maximum place of small shop (thela) as this shop (thela) is in very crowded area of city. adding humans in scene is mandatory. Try to be more artistic and aesthetic while depicting the whole scene. instead of rendering play with pressure of pencil and with the depth of lines i.e. dark and light lines create the whole scene. Most perfect visualization in most beautiful way carries good weightage 

Pictorial ability

Look at the picture carefully. You will notice its family picture inside the house. There is a cat highlighted with white doted square. You are requested to visualize the whole scene from the cat point of view. Cat is looking towards the couple who is reading something and feeling happy. Sketch the whole scene only with pencil. When you draw only with the help of lines show the depth of picture. Create the entire ambience of home which might be there in the home. 

NID, UCEED, NIFT, NATA at Vijay Design Studio, Nashik
Story Boarding

A traveller is sitting near the precipice of a mountain and an eagle is there too. They both are having an intense conversation and it ends with- Eagle- "so that is my story, I need to hunt so as to survive.”
Make the story and give it a title, write the story in the given box and illustrate the story in the 3 boxes given.

Story Boarding

Draw a storyboard for the anyone of the following in 6 frames

1. Snake and ladder

2. Ludo
3. Chess

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