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Material to be brought 

Once the admission is confirmed students are expected to bring the material for learning. This material is overall view and student can select the material as per the requirement. Also the list of the material is drafted keeping in mind the quality. Student can skip the material if they already have the material with them. Also they can even change the brand as per their likings. Students once get the material can keep the material in their lockers and locker number will be allocated. One key can be with the student and other key will remain in institute incase student forget to get the key.

The details of material

Material Overview


Part 1 – This section material is To Prepare yourself for the NID, UCEED, NIFT (Complete Design Entrance Exam) you will need following list of Material

Material Overview


Part 2 – To Prepare Portfolio you will need following list of Material which is mentioned in part 2 section.

Material Overview

Software Training

Part 3 – For the training of software you will need following material. This list includes very specific set of material. Do read all the information carefully.

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