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Lets Practice what is asked in NI, UCEED & NIFT Questions more

As discussed Kindly note tomorrow there will
be live session of sketching in CCM, Food Court
Time : 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Kindly get the following material 
1. Sketching papers
2. Various grades Pencils 
3. Machanical Pencil 
4.Water Bottle 
5. A 3 Size Writing Pad
6. 100 Rs as a pocket money - Incase you want to have something
7. Gel Pen (Any Colours) - Not Compulsory
8. colour pencils (Not Compulsory) 



Being Sunday I am planning to keep your activity of 
Lino carving and printing for tomorrow 
Few material is needed for the same. Requesting you to get following material for tomorrow 
1. Lino sheet 
2. Carving tools 
3. Paper to sketch 
4. Pencil 
5. Paper to take prints of Lino May be colour paper are useful 

You can get this material tomorrow. Also if you want me to arrange the material then you can tell me I will arrange this entire kit for you from Saraswati to our class for all those who can not get the material

Thank you

Vijay Design Studio

Portrait Session by Sanjay Bagul Sir at Vijay Design Studio.jpg

Dear Students,  
This week we will have portrait session on Tuesday & Wednesday. The session will be headed by Prof. Sanjay Bagul Sir. This assignment is the part of Portfolio. You are requested to get all the material required for the portrait making. We have already experienced 1 portrait so you are aware of the material. 

Date: 20th & 21st June 2023 
Time: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM 

See to it you preserve every step of portrait progress to make your portfolio stand out. 

Thank you
Vijay Design Studio

Learn Animation from Industry Expert Imran Shaikh at Vijay Design Studio.jpg

Dear Student, 
Tomorrow (19th June 2023) from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM there will be session on 3Ds Max for the Animation by Industry Expert Imran Sir. This is again a part of Portfolio. Kindly note you have to come to institute with your Laptop. Those who do not have 3Ds Max Software installed will have to install 3Ds Max and then get the laptop. Even you do not have laptop or incase 3Ds Max is not installed then you can request Imran Sir. Apart from this for the rough Sketch you can get your sketch book and pencils. 

Remember this is the First Session of 3Ds Max Software

Thank you
Vijay Design Studio

Mahima Talks on Design at Vijay Design Studio.jpg

Dear Students 
This Friday we have a session with Fashion Designer Ms. Mahima Shetti. This session will tell you about the real Design world. Where the design is heading nowadays. Ms. Mahima is Successful Fashion Designer and has achieved many milestone in her career. This session is basically more of Q & A Session. You are requested to come with all the questions about the field of Design like collages, Jobs, Packages, etc
You are requested to come along with Cold Coffee in this session. You can get the coffee the way you want. Along with Pen and Notebook as she will be giving you very important points. You can even get your parents or anyone from your circle if they want to know more about the field of Art & Design

Thank you 
Vijay Design Studio

Learn Ceramics & Pottery at Vijay Design Studio.jpg

Dear Students 
This Sunday (25th June 2023 at 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM) We have an interesting session on Ceramics & Pottery by Industry Expert and Experienced Educator Ms. Vaishali Patil. Ceramics & Pottery is one of the most valuable field. NID has specially launched this stream for the career. It has huge prospects. Requesting you all to get the following material with you to perform the activity. 
1. Belan, 2. Rough Cloth, 3. Water Bottle, 4. If you have apron then please get the Apron, 5. Old News Paper, 6. A3 Size writing Pad, 7. Plastic sheet. 8. Bowl for water. you will learn a lot in this activity. 
So get ready for this activity on coming Sunday

Thank you 
Vijay Design Studio

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