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Learn Water Colour Painting

NID, UCEED, NIFT, NATA Entrance Exam Predicted question practice

This Sunday we have activity of Landscape Painting / Line Work. It will be conducted by Prof. Sanjay Bagul Sir. Material required is as follows (1. Paper, Water colour pad, Water colours, Pencils of various grades, Gel pen of any colour, water bowl, Water dolour brushes, please refer the material list on website for the brush details, small easel (if you have - not compulsory), rough cloth. This assignment is part of portfolio- please refer the website. 

Objective of this assignment - 
1. To learn PERSPECTIVE 
2. To develop OBSERVATION ability 
3. To develop PRAPORTIONS ability 
4. To develop ability of TONAL value 
5. To learn the techniques of WATER COLOURS and mop brushes

Date: 9 July 
Time : 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Either carry your tiffin or have breakfast and come)
Venue : Ramkund, Godawari (do carry your rain coat with you)

NID, UCEED, NIFT, NATA Entrance Exam at Vijay Design Studio

The session of previous year question papers and mock test of CEED & UCEED will be conducted today from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM 
Also the students of Portfolio will be there at the same time and completing the origami paper folding colouring incomplete work. 

Kindly get the relevant material for the same 

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