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Summer Internship Programme for the students of Wisdom High School, Nashik

NID, UCEED, NIFT, NATA, Art & Design College portfolio Entrance Exam-Vijay Design Studio
NID, UCEED, NIFT, NATA, Art & Design College portfolio Entrance Exam-Vijay Design Studio, Nashik

Summer internship programme in collaboration was conducted from 26th April 23 to 30th April 23 (5 Days) it was successful programme. Students enjoyed all 5 days session of Architecture along with Ar. Shubham Londhe, Ar. Anushree Baxi also last lecture was of 3Ds Max with Mr. Imran Shaikh where students learnt how to develop 3D render from blue print. Via Summer internship students did receive the assignment which was quite interesting. The details of the assignments are as follows

Day wise planning from 26th April to 30th April 2023

Following daywise planning will give you an idea about what you are going to do for all 5 days when you are going to attain the classes.

Day 1

Introduction (industry influence on me due to which I am into this field). Showing my completed work and assignments executed and sharing few interesting experiences.

Day 2

The commercials- how I charged to my clients which helped me to grow economically. Incase you become the same tomorrow what and how you can charge your clients.

Day 3

How you can successfully achieve goal and become what you want to be. Step by step guide of achieving success in the field. (pathway which will brief about your how can you continue pursuing your passion till your junior college. What all you can practice. Making students understand about which are the best colleges (government and private) fee structure of those colleges. The master way to complete the education.

Day 4

Showing the actual assignment. How we deal with the assignment in the market. From raw stage to final output including billing. Taxes. GST. How we quote. How we negotiate. How we present the mock ups before the work to attract the customers.

Day 5

Giving you the assignment so you can do the assignment in the vacation and submit the work to your teachers in your school. For this session you can also come along with assignment which might be required in your circle. Such as logo, visiting card, letter head, brochure, etc.

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